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How I Organized my Book - Dr. Tussy Shnider

The transformational processes, alone, cannot be expected to “cure” a dysfunctional organization. The more effective the congregation is as an organization, the greater the chance for success of the transformation process. Chapter One identifies some basic, best practices of an effective organization and provides a checklist to aid in

the readiness of your congregation for a change process.

For most Reform Jewish congregations, becoming a relationship-based congregation involves a congregational culture shift, a transformation from transactional thinking, attitudes, and behavior to a culture based on the relationship of one member to another, of the member to the Temple, and of the member to Torah and God. Chapters Two, Three, and Four are focused on the principles and implementation of Relational Judaism as we interpreted it in our One Family Initiative.

Dr. Shinder's New Book, One Congregation's Journey of Change: A Guide to Enriching Reltionships In Your Congregation will be out this Fall. This “how to” book describes the steps taken by a Reform Jewish congregation to transform their culture from a transactional, program-based organization to one focused on the sacredness of relationships. For more information contact Dr. Shnider at Author@DrTussyShnider.com or visit online at DrTussyShnider.com.