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  • Dr. Tussy Shnider

"One Congregation's Journey of Change" by Dr. Tussy Shnider - Coming Soon

As the presenters at that mid-1990s Biennial described what their congregation was doing, I became more and more captivated by their depiction of the experience created for their members. They referred to their process as creating a Caring Community, and this name became associated with their congregation. The thought that kept going through my mind was That’s what it should be like to be a member of a temple! A few years later, when working toward my MSW degree, I was fortunate to learn more about their Caring Community Congregation when I was doing an internship at another Midwestern congregation.

One of my responsibilities was to introduce the relationship-based congregation concept to the board of this congregation. Working with the internship congregation’s Rabbi and their president, I provided materials and explanations, arranged for the Rabbi and me to visit the Caring Community Congregation and arranged for the Cantor of the Caring Community congregation (the staff person for their Caring Community) to visit us and speak to our Board. The more I learned about the concept, the more I believed in its value.

Dr. Shinder's New Book, One Congregation's Journey of Change: A Guide to Enriching Reltionships In Your Congregation will be out this Fall. This “how to” book describes the steps taken by a Reform Jewish congregation to transform their culture from a transactional, program-based organization to one focused on the sacredness of relationships. For more information contact Dr. Shnider at Author@DrTussyShnider.com or visit online at DrTussyShnider.com.