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  • Dr. Tussy Shnider

'One Family' is the Initiative That Led to the book, "One Congregation's Journey of Change" -

Fast forward thirteen years to the fall of 2013. My husband, Neil, and I had moved to a warmer climate and joined our temple in Naples, Florida, an already wonderful congregation. After attending a program focused on the development of relationships by sharing stories, I gave our Rabbi, a one-sheet explanation of Rabbi Address’ concept that I had prepared for my internship congregation. Not long after, our Rabbi gave my husband Neil and me copies of Dr. Ron Wolfson’s book, Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community. He asked us both to read the book.

We did, and we were both very intrigued. Shortly after that, much to my amazement, the Rabbi asked the two of us to chair the Relational Judaism Initiative that would later become known in our congregation as One Family. About a year and a half later, with my husband serving as President of the congregation, I found the need for an additional partner in leading our Initiative. I asked a long-time leader of the congregation (Past President, current Board Member, Membership Chair and Caring Committee Chair) to work as a third Co-Chair with Neil and me. She accepted, and we have been working together ever since. Her knowledge of the congregation, long-time members, and new members has been a valuable asset to our partnership.

Dr. Shinder's New Book, One Congregation's Journey of Change: A Guide to Enriching Reltionships In Your Congregation will be out this Fall. This “how to” book describes the steps taken by a Reform Jewish congregation to transform their culture from a transactional, program-based organization to one focused on the sacredness of relationships. For more information contact Dr. Shnider at Author@DrTussyShnider.com or visit online at DrTussyShnider.com.